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This hobby started for me back in the mid nineties after spending a couple of years producing highly detailed watercolour paintings of birds of prey (you can view these in the gallery). East Anglia is an area renowned for its beautiful skies and over the years has attracted artists from all over the country to capture the wonderful landscapes and seascapes of the area, including many nature reserves. After doing the circuits of craft fairs and art exhibitions it became apparent that there seemed to be an influx of "bird artists" and this made me realise that perhaps a change in medium wouldn't be the worst decision l'd ever make.

My father at this time was back in his workshop producing carvings of "decorative decoy ducks", which had always intrigued me, but never enough to pick up a piece of timber and chisels. At Christmas time in 1995 l had an idea which culminated in me carving a miniature barn owl and placing it in miniature surroundings in a wooden box with a glass front. I then had my eureka moment!, why not make it more interesting and put lighting in it to make it more visible in the evenings?,this was now named the "Naturebox". Within 6 months I managed to get a 4 page article in "Woodcarving magazine" and then asked if they could reproduce it in a book called "Understanding Woodcarving in the Round".

After some great editorials in all of the Norfolk newspapers about my "Naturebox" I made a decision to cut back on all of the work involved in making them eg: making the boxes, glass cutting and inserting the electrics for the lighting. My aim from this point onwards was to concentrate on perfecting the carving of the bird, even though I do make the foliage and bases on most of the finished pieces of work. After about 5yrs of committing myself to work and moving to a new location on the river Waveney in Suffolk I've now found my love and need to get back to carving and have just finished a "Tree Sparrow" which I hope will be mounted very soon.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my gallery as much as I have enjoyed creating them.